Ten Steps for SME Banking SuccessSuccess with SMEs continues to elude many banks. Instead, they find sustainable profitability difficult to achieve and are experiencing small but increasing inroads into their customer base by alternative finance companies. Bank management should consider a ten-question checklist to sharpen their strategic focus and ensure a long-term competitive advantage with this critical customer group. http://bit.ly/2jtAh2x

Charles Wendel is President of FIC Advisors, Inc. (FIC), a management consulting firm focusing on small business and commerical banking and dedicated to providing practical recommendations, implementation planning, and the required execution that results in improved customer experience and sustainably stronger performance. He has extensive experience both as a commercial banker (Citibank) and merchant banker (Bankers Trust and Schroders) and consultant. His banking background also includes experience in workouts and corporate restructurings. Before founding FIC over 20 years ago, he was an Engagement Manager with McKinsey & Co and a Partner at Mercer Management Consulting. He has consulted to money center, regional and community banks, and diversified financial services companies both in the U.S. and 20 countries in the developed and developing nations around the world.