Bankers take notice of big tech and fintech at Davos. Notable quotes from CEOs at Davos:
“If you don’t master technology you won’t survive.” BBVA
“I’m always telling my team that if you aren’t eating someone else’s lunch, you are doing it wrong. We are technology companies with a balance sheet” Barclays UK.

Bankers predict they will get much better at crunching vast amounts of data to make immediate lending decisions and to provide far more tailored robo-advice to customers. They are also looking for big savings from blockchain, the shared database system that underpins the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Eight of the world’s 10 biggest investment banks are expected to use blockchain to cut 30 per cent of their costs — totalling $8bn-$12bn — according to a study published by Accenture and McLagan on Tuesday.
FT – How finance is being taken over by tech