screenshotTalk about raising expectations. The RISE fund scored an Andrew Ross Sorkin exclusive in the New York Times, led by Bono, backed by all-stars on the impact billionaire circuit, and driven by TPG Growth, with more than $8 billion under management. For all the signals that the big boys are arriving in impact investing, the $2 billion RISE Fund appears to be the biggest. It’s one of the first to put 10-figure capital behind a solid impact strategy. And there are more billions where that came from, if TPG can really deliver impact “alpha” – market-beating financial returns because of, not in spite of, a savvy impact investment thesis. The fundraising goals for RISE has apparently doubled since a $1 billion fund was first announced in September.  Maya Chorengel of Elevar Equity, which has been tapped by TPG to both develop deal pipeline and raise funds for RISE, has said the day is not far off for a $5 billion fund, once deal tickets and fund sizes can get to the scale needed for big institutional investors. TPG Group en toto manages about $74 billion.

(TPG Capital (abbrev. for Texas Pacific Group) is an American investment company, it is one of the largest private equity investment firms in the world)