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What is the magic word in the local ecosystem?
We don’t know for sure, but we can assume one of the answers could be:

So, let’s see what we can tell you this time about funding!

The Amsterdam Capital House event is behind us but the learnings from the session  “Finding your way in the Alternative Funding jungle” are never outdated. Better yet, you get a chance to see it again in case you missed it. Too lazy to sit through the one-hour session? (You really shouldn’t but once again, we got you.) Here’s a guide that will walk you through all the different resources and funding options for startups growing in Amsterdam. Moreover, Silicon Canals caught up with Renée Andela of KplusV to learn more about the alternative sources of funding available and how PIM can help you navigate them. https://vimeo.com/531438076

If you want to learn more about the state of our local tech ecosystem, earlier this month, in partnership with Dealroom.co, we published our new report on  “Venture capital & tech in Amsterdam: one year into the pandemic”.

Last but not least, our Startup & Tech Event Calendar is back on track, so bookmark it on your browser & don’t miss the pulse of the ecosystem! Sounds interesting? Have a look at the tech events that will take place in spring 2021!

PS. Scroll down to find out a brand new story of our #FoundersFridays series.

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The Amsterdam tech ecosystem hit a big milestone in Q1 2021, passing €100B in value!

Earlier this month, in partnership with Dealroom.co, we released the “Venture capital & tech in Amsterdam: one year into the pandemic”!
Our city ranks as #3 European hub by combined enterprise value of companies founded since 2000 & as #4 by the number of unicorns.

Read more on the impact of the pandemic in our local tech ecosystem!

&Grow in Amsterdam


In the RISE Class of 2021, 21 inspiring women, who are doing great things, will be working together to jointly inspire other women and young girls to stand out for themselves. The RISE-21 class has one joint program about ‘who are you’. Why are you doing what you do and where do you want to go? Current role models & speakers will be there to inspire and learn from. They help you build your personal brand, teach you how to take control of your online presence and how to determine your fee, as well as how to deal with clients who are paying you for your ”exposure”.
Visibility and network are their top priorities: and RISE is here to help successful and ambitious women in and around Amsterdam to get out there.

&Amsterdam Digitization Offensive

MKB-Amsterdam, Ready To Scale, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, and the Municipality of Amsterdam offer you the 0-measurement for free as the first step of the Amsterdam Digitization Offensive.
This measurement provides insights into how digital your company is and how you can tackle the further digitization of your company. After completing the survey, you can participate in future webinars for free. Read more! – In Dutch


Discover your growth opportunities and enter the 0-measurement here!